Meal Planning and Nutrition Coaching

Alana Speed is passionate about supporting others in their wellness journey through mindfulness and nutrition. Alana is a certified Health Coach, Personal Chef and has been teaching Yoga since 2016, with multiple certifications in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Yin Yoga, Women’s Health Yoga, Reiki, and more.

Her health journey began at a young age when she was hospitalized for severe GI issues, coupled with anxiety from a chaotic upbringing. In college, after trying yoga for the first time, she realized what it was like to truly be present. Since then, she has been on the lifelong journey of re-regulating her nervous system, healing her gut with nourishing food, and adopting a mindful, slow life. Healing takes time and a village, and Alana would love to support you on your journey back home to your balanced, whole self.

Meal Planning and Nutrition with Alana Speed